AkriviA the Saturn


An exceptional timepiece that combines two complications, two worlds, two styles, two watchmaking approaches


If timepieces endowed with a tourbillon chronograph movement are rare, those that combine both fine watchmaking and technicality are even rarer. AkriviA’s Saturn timepiece is one of them. The initial challenge was to design a watch with a hint of sportiness and a chronograph with the precision and elegance of a tourbillon, to create a timepiece that is both a time-measuring instrument and a work of art.

Defying the aesthetic principles of «techno-sport» with its surplus of angles, facets and screws that are now obsolete, the Saturn model imposes itself as a unique timepiece, innovatively designed, and combining character, style and the watchmaking spirit.

The design of the watch was conceived in a holistic fashion, a harmony between style and function, although the finishings are far from simple, each shape has its reason for being. In this respect, the conical bezel immediately drawing the eye to the center of this timepiece, disappears discreetly to highlight, as with a pedestal, an exceptional movement in which some parts are revealed through openings on the dial functioning like a window of time, like a memento mori. The case-side and the lugs have sporty and dynamic curves, which are highlighted by different matte and shiny finishings in a resolutely contemporary spirit.


The design and complexity of its surfaces make the AkriviA case a remarkable one. The surfaces, sometimes matte and sometimes polished, alternate throughout the entire case over a dozen times. These complex finishings are rendered even more challenging due to the large number of 45 ° angles, which are all made by hand.

In addition to being an ornament, the tourbillon is the regulating organ of the timepiece, which ensures its reliability. Every detail has been extensively studied, from the tourbillon cage to the balance wheel. The tourbillon is astounding due to its size, its elegant proportions and the quality of its finishings. The perfect example is the upper bridge of the tourbillon cage: it has eight inward angles which are hand-chamfered, and its upper surface is entirely mirror-polished.

The tourbillon, visible on the dial side of the timepiece, powers the chronograph mechanism once it is engaged. This original feature gives the movement its unique character.

When the chronograph is activated by the monopusher at 2 o’clock, the PVD dial reveals through its openings some remarkable features that become animated:


The attention given to the finishings and decorations make this timepiece a must-have in terms of haute horlogerie.

The technical construction of movement have been realized in collaboration with MHC SA, Manufacture Haute Complication.

Created according to the highest standards of traditional Swiss watchmaking, all components of the chronograph movement were finished by hand. The engravings, chamfering, matte finishings, cicle grain finishings, the mirror polishing and some 36 inward angles constitute all the finishings. Under the chronograph bridge, you can see more of the hammer and gear teeth, with another specificity; the wheels. They have been specially cut with a patented design by AkriviA.

The tourbillon seduces us with its size, its elegant proportions and the quality of its finishings. The 10 inward angles and mirror polished surfaces complete this unique haute horlogerie mechanism.

The sapphire case-back reveals a structure in accordance with the purest tradition of Geneva. The different bridges are all adorned with straight Côtes de Genève, created with boxwood and covered in diamond paste.

A mirror-polished steel plate is enthroned in the center of the movement and draws the eye of the connoisseur.












Specifications (Click to slide)

Manufactured in Geneva

  • Tourbillon movement with a column wheel mono-pusher chronograph
    Hand chamfered movement components, stippling of the baseplate, Côtes de Genève
  • Frequency: 21,600 vph
  • Balance wheel with gold screws
  • Power reserve: 100 hours, with chronograph engaged 70 hours
  • 33 jewels
  • 36 polished inward angles
  • Hand engraving
  • Stainless steel case, 42.5mm diameter, 12.90mm thick
  • Sapphire crystals, front and back
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • PVD black dial, rhodium plated chronograph counter, decorative plates in mirror polished steel, hand engraved
  • Alligator strap, hand sewn
  • Buckle: pin buckle or folding





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