2013/04/18 (Pre-BaselWorld 2013)


ANDERSEN GENEVE the Communication 750


Svend Andersen has created several exceptional World Time Watches, starting with the "COMMUNICATION 24" in 1985, the "CHRISTOPHORUS COLUMBUS" in 1992, the world thinnest World Time "MUNDUS", the first World Time chronograph and the history telling "1884", just mentioning the most important.

Now comes the 12th creation of World Time Watches by ANDERSEN GENEVE :


Revolution of evolution

The central dial of blue gold turns once a day and shows the 24 time zones facing 30 names of important cities on the five continents.

*750 million years ago the supra-continent Rodinia (from the Russian Родинa, rodina, and meaning "motherland") which contained most or all of Earth's landmass split up into several continents: one of the several steps leading to the creation of nowadays continents.






Specifications (Click to slide)


  • Automatic movement TechnoTime 120 h. power reserve with complication AG 600
  • Two colors gold case
  • Diameter: 42,40 mm
  • Thickness: 11,40 mm
  • Leather strap




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