GIRARD-PERREGAUX the Limited Edition Sea Hawk Mission of Mermaids


Nurturing the Environment · Saving the Earth
Susan and David Rockefeller present, “Protect What is Precious”
Environmental Forum with Girard-Perregaux and Christie’s

Beijing (January 28, 2013) - Susan and David Rockefeller presented “Protect What is Precious”, an environmental forum and celebration in Beijing, in partnership with the iconic luxury Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux and Christie’s Auction House. With an established history of philanthropic commitment to sustainability in culture and environment, Susan and David created this event to promote advocacy for global health and environmental and cultural stewardship.

Event panelists Susan and David Rockefeller, together with Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Ren Zhiqiang (one of the co-founders of Alashan Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology) engaged in a roundtable discussion about the inter-connections between the arts, culture, the environment and the state of the human spirit, in an exchange of ideas on how to solve environmental issues such as ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution. The forum discussion was preceded by the screening of ‘Mission of Mermaids’ a short film directed by Susan Rockefeller and aimed to raise public awareness of marine ecological protection.

 “Together with Girard-Perregaux and Christie’s, we would like to address the preciousness of time,” said Susan Rockefeller, "Our time is limited in terms of the protection of our natural resources. My hope is that “Mission of Mermaids” and “Protect What is Precious” will inspire people to reflect on the importance of preserving our environment and protecting what they hold precious."

Following the panel discussion, Girard-Perregaux presented Susan and David Rockefeller with the limited edition Sea Hawk Mission of Mermaids wristwatch. This unique timepiece, designed in collaboration with Susan Rockefeller, is inspired by forest green and ocean blue embellishments on the dial, which complement the mysterious mermaid carving on the case back, embodying the wish for ocean protection.  The event, which was hosted at Yuan Space Beijing, also featured a musical performance by Asian Cultural Council Grantee, Coco Zhao.

About “Protect What is Precious” Environmental Forum and celebration

Susan & David Rockefeller’s January 2013 tour in Beijing will underscore the Rockefeller Families’ personal and long-standing commitment to global sustainability in culture and the environment in the tradition established by Abby & John D. Rockefeller in the 1930’s. 

On January 28, 2013, Susan and David Rockefeller, in collaboration with Girard-Perregaux, Christie’s and the Asian Cultural Council, host a roundtable discussion to discuss the inter-connections between the arts, culture, the environment and the state of the human spirit. The event convenes members of the business, arts, environmental and philanthropic communities in a collective discussion and celebration of ‘protecting what is precious.’  The aim is to inspire relationships and promote advocacy for global health and environmental and cultural stewardship.

About Protect What is Precious

Protect What is Precious is a simple credo initiated by Susan Rockefeller. To Susan, this means - Family, Art and Nature. These are three things that she holds very dear.

FAMILY:  As a mother and a wife, my children and my husband are my greatest treasures.  Equally important to me is the idea of supporting other families, helping to lessen the suffering of children and mothers around the world;

ART:  This is the highest expression of the human spirit and all its potential. Art is very powerful and has the ability to bring happiness, evoke sensations and heal those who are hurt;

NATURE:  We’re completely dependent upon nature.  It’s the source of life and health for everything – people, wildlife, businesses, countries, economies – nothing can survive without the resources Earth provides.

The panel discussion is intended to prompt guests to examine and share what is precious to them.










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