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Jaeger-LeCoultre the Master Tourbillon Dualtime


Meaningful horological performance

The Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux unveils the Master Tourbillon Dualtime equipped with a new tourbillon carriage. Within this superb timepiece with its classic lines and pure design, the ingenious tourbillon mechanism recaptures its initial function: that of a device designed to further improve rating precision.

The Master Tourbillon Dualtime housing an automatic movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 978B, displays a second time-zone on a dial testifying to a degree of aesthetic perfection that is inseparable from technical genius. On this model equipped with a reworked tourbillon carriage, the watchmakers of the Manufacture have made no compromises regarding its performance, reliability and sturdiness. The titanium tourbillon regulator accompanies a high-precision automatic precision beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour and equipped with an unusual and extremely large balance featuring an inertia amounting to 11.5 mg x cm2.

As a benchmark in the realm of Fine Watchmaking, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre leaves no detail to chance. Patented by the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, the date indication is adjustable in both directions and makes a bigger jump between the 15th and the 16th so as not to obstruct the view of the titanium tourbillon carriage.
An exceptional timepiece intended for daily wear, the Master Tourbillon proves its sterling qualities of precision, reliability and water resistance within the stringent framework of the 1000 Hours Control. This set of rigorous trials that has become a watch industry legend now includes rating regularity and amplitude measurements relating to the tourbillon regulator, including under conditions involving small impacts.

The precision of the tourbillon regulator
Watchmakers embellish daily existence in their own inimitable manner. Such is indeed their mission since the appearance of the first portable watches over half a millennium ago. At that time, timepieces, like automata, were essentially objects of amusement. The quest for precision did not begin until the early 19th century, in the wake of the major social transformations. Time measurement was no longer merely an enjoyable pastime for the leisurely wealthy classes, as burgeoning industrialisation demanded new norms. In the Vallée de Joux, on the very site where the Grande Maison still stands, Antoine LeCoultre founded a watchmaking establishment in 1833 that was ready to take on future challenges. He united under one roof the various professions formerly exercised in private homes, becoming a pioneer of series production and instating quality controls. The Grande Maison was in the making, composed in equal parts of inventiveness, boldness and a resolutely entrepreneurial spirit.

Performance respectful of tradition still represents the bedrock on which the Manufacture is built. Almost two centuries after its founding by Antoine LeCoultre, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s horological creations have become synonymous with precision and reliability. In this respect, the Master Tourbillon Dualtime holds a place of its own for having written an important page in contemporary watchmaking history. In 2009, Calibre 978 won the International Chronometry Competition. Its performances are unequalled, but the letter B has been added to its name because it has also experienced a subtle yet fascinating evolution.

Right at first glance, the new Master Tourbillon Dualtime reveals the tourbillon in all its majestic and diaphanous splendour, characterised by a new robust and yet light titanium alloy tourbillon carriage. The transparency and depth effect is truly striking and the other characteristics of the Master Tourbillon Dualtime also appeal by their blend of refinement and usefulness: the central hours and minutes shown by dauphine hands sweeping around the sunburst silver-toned dial; the distinctive design of the 3 and 9 o’clock numerals and the polished 4N gold-plated appliques and 11 luminescent hour-markers; as well as the small seconds hand fitted on the tourbillon performing one complete rotation per minute in order to cancel out positional errors. Governed by a concern for precision typical of the Grande Maison, its beneficial influence on the precision of the watch is underscored by the inscription “Régulateur à tourbillon” appearing beneath the revolving carriage opening.

When ingenuity spells elegance: the jumping date display
Since travel is a frequent part of contemporary living, the Master Tourbillon Dualtime features two closely linked additional indications: a second time-zone display and the date. Travel time is indicated by central hands and easily adjustable via the crown. This arrangement serves to maintain a clear hierarchy of the indications when it comes to arriving at an appointment at the exact time and date, wherever one may happen to be. As far as the reference time is concerned, that of the customary place of residence, it appears on a 24-hour graduated scale placed in the upper part of the dial. The date is quite logically synchronised with the travel time- zone and, according to a pleasing tradition of the Master Control line, it is indicated by a central hand adjustable in both directions and tipped with a red triangle with a curved rim that visually marks out the current date. Nonetheless, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers and designers would not live up to their reputation if they did not devote special attention to the smallest details. Keenly aware that watchmaking enthusiasts enjoy observing the motion of the tourbillon, they took the firm decision to ensure that no obstacle should disturb this visual delight. The date hand thus makes a bigger jump between the 15th and 16th of each month, appearing on either side of the tourbillon, thanks to a dedicated mechanism developed and patented by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Mechanical inventiveness is matched by aesthetic refinement: the pink gold case is a half- millimetre smaller to suit all wrists. While the 41.5-mm diameter has remained the same to maintain absolute harmony with the dimensions of the tourbillon, the lugs and bezel are distinctly more slender and streamlined. An alligator leather strap with a gold pin buckle set the finishing touch to the Master Tourbillon Dualtime fitted with a sapphire crystal caseback revealing the secrets and traditional Fine Watchmaking finishing of a prestigious Jaeger- LeCoultre that holds the world record for precision timing.




Specifications (Click to slide)

Ref. : 156 25 21

Movement :

  • Mechanical automatic movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 978B, crafted, assembled and decorated by hand
  • Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour
  • 48-hour power reserve
  • 302 parts
  • 33 jewels
  • 7.10 mm thick
  • Tourbillon :
    • Weight of the carriage: 0.33 g
    • Number of parts: 71

Dial :

  • Sunburst silver-toned
  • Polished 4N gold-plated appliques
  • 11 luminescent dots serving as hour-markers (except at 6 o’clock)

Hands :

  • Dauphine-type (with superluminova)

Functions :

  • Local time with independent fast adjustment in both directions (travel time-zone)
  • Reference time in 24-hour mode
  • Minutes
  • Date synchronised with local time and adjustable in both directions
  • Tourbillon with seconds hand

Case :

  • 18-carat pink gold
  • 41.5 mm in diameter
  • 12.1 mm thick
  • Entirely polished
  • Water resistance: 5 atm

Strap :

  • High-end alligator leather, pink gold pin buckle




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