Linde Werdelin the Oktopus II Moon


The first in-house complication

LINDE WERDELIN celebrates the first New Moon of 2013 releasing the new Oktopus II Moon. The Moon is the first complication entirely conceived, developed and produced in-house by LINDE WERDELIN and will be showcased in Geneva between 22nd and 25th of January 2013.

In early 2010 LINDE WERDELIN has launched the first Oktopus Moonphase in a limited series of 29 pieces. This year Oktopus II Moon is unveiled in a series of 59 pieces, available in two distinct versions (as one cycle takes 29-and-a-half days to complete).

The first 12 pieces, numbered from 1 to 12, to represent one piece for each moon of the 2013 calendar year are known as Oktopus II Moon Gold and feature a rose gold and titanium DLC case with ceramic bezel. The following 47 limited pieces, presenting a full DLC titanium case with a ceramic bezel and striking blue detailing on the dial, are identified as Oktopus II Moon Black.

A short story behind
LINDE WERDELIN retains a vast knowledge of the diving universe, thanks to the development of the Reef, its proprietary diving instrument. The decision to have the moon phase complication, on a divers watch, originally came with the first model launched in 2010. Jorn Werdelin explains; “moonlight creates the perfect conditions for afterhours sports activities and particularly diving. More people these days enjoy sports under the full moon. One can plan their next diving trip by checking when the next full moon is going to be, then clip the Reef for a safe dive.”

There is a fascinating aspect about the moon and its relation between man and time throughout history. “Originally the moon’s influence on men’s lives has always been highly impactful, moving oceans, moods and inspirations, making it critical to keep track of its phases. This study led to the creation of our modern calendar, allowing a wider understanding of the past and demonstrating a tight connection with time offering LINDE WERDELIN watchmakers an additional impulse to developing this complication”. Says Morten Linde.

Complication and dial
The Oktopus II Moon takes LINDE WERDELIN on a further challenge since the launch of its original moon-phase dive watch, bringing for the first time the complication in-house. Oktopus II Moon’s complication displays the existing phase of the moon on its dial, just as you see it in the sky. As the moon moves clockwise through its monthly cycle, more of its surface is illumined.

The dial consists of three skeletonised layers, conveying an immediate depth to the watch. On the bottom lays the moon disk. A metallic cut out surface, resembling the night sky which appears blue on the Oktopus II Moon Black and brown on the Oktopus II Moon Gold, carrying each luminous moon. The second skeletonised layer or lower dial bears a circular Côtes de Genève while the upper and third part is skeletonised and features the LINDE WERDELIN logo, indexes and numerals as well as the three hands. Deliberately luminous, to enhance readability. The full moon is always indicated with a white mark visible through the lower dial. Numerals 11, 10, 9, displayed between 1 and 2 o’clock allow a more precise track of the lunar cycle.

The case is based on the Oktopus II model launched at Basel 2012. A five-part case construction sealing the titanium inner cylinder protects the movement and the dial inside from water ingress and its anti-corrosive materials; rose gold, ceramics and titanium. On both models the surface is blasted with microbillé followed by hand satin and polish finishing. The movement is sealed in the chamber by a titanium DLC screw in back- case featuring the iconic octopus hand drawing, by Morten Linde.










Specifications (Click to slide)

Oktopus II Moon Numbered Series 59 A

Case :

  • Crafted in rose gold, titanium and DLC
  • Hand satin finish and microbillé
  • Constructed with 19 components
  • 2.2 mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Screw in back case with engraved octopus drawing
  • Screw in crown with engraved octopus symbol

Dimensions : 44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 15mm (h)

Dial : Three-part skeletonised dial / Hands: diamond-cut hands

Movement :

  • In-house developed moon phase complication
  • Power reserve: 42 hours
  • Balance frequency: 28800vph, 4Hz
  • Standard rotor
  • Strengthened escapement

Water Resistance : 300m

Strap :

  • Bespoke high-end natural rubber strap, interchangeable within Linde Werdelin’s proprietary strap system

Oktopus II Moon Gold is available in a limited series of 12 pieces, retailing at CHF 27,000 ex VAT.

Oktopus II Moon Black is available in a limited series of 47 pieces, retailing at CHF 12,500 ex VAT, from February 2013 from any LW authorized retailer in local currency and on LindeWerdelin.com.




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