MeisterSinger the Singulator and Singular blue Special Edition


How MeisterSinger makes customers kings

MeisterSinger’s Singulator and Singular will be released in blue as a special edition this autumn.

Blue has always been one of the most precious and most expensive colours that there is. One kilo of ultramarine blue would still cost around €14,000 today. It is no wonder, that kings like Philipp III named „the bold“ and Frederick II „old Fritz“ adorned themselves in blue robes.

The term „blue-blooded“ doesn’t exist by chance. It’s actually not very surprising that the two most exclusive MeisterSinger models have a blue finish in Autumn 2012.

The dark midnight blue royally appears on the single-hand watches. The finish shines ultramarine according to how the light falls. For perfect legibility, the Singulator‘s three hands – the Regulator with the central hour – have been kept in simple white, while the Singular’s hand – the single-hand watch with stopwatch – shines in gold.

The digits with preceding zeros are made of the same gold as the hand and thus form a harmonious ensemble which creates the impression of a timeless classic.

It is difficult to make a choice, because even though the watches have different functions, the relaxed way of measuring time is inherent in both, like in all MeisterSinger watches.

The blue sunburst version of MeisterSinger’s Singulator and Singular are available from October 2012, initially with 30 units each.

The Singulator – The engineering

In keeping with MeisterSinger’s philosophy of slowing down time, pride of place in the centre of the Singulator is given to the hour hand rather than the minute hand, as is the case with other Regulators. In moving the minute hand to a non-central position, MeisterSinger needed an intermediate cog, whose teeth would not wear with time and which would simultaneously prevent the hand from wavering. With conventional Regulators, whose slowly turning hour hand is deflected, the wavering is not noticeable. That is how the spring wheel was created, especially developed for MeisterSinger and which guarantees a precise minute display. The large 4-screwed exhibition back affords a view of the elaborately decorated Unitas 6497 pocket watch mechanism with a screwed Glucydur balance and a precise steel spring regulator.






Specifications (Click to slide)

Model Singulator

  • Movement : MS.0109 Base Unitas, Hand-wound
  • Diameter : 43 mm
  • Case : Stainless steel, 4-screwed exhibition back, water resistant to 5
    bar, Sapphire crystal, curved and 3 mm strong
  • Power reserve : 46 hours
  • Special features : Regulator with single-hand technique (central hour hand, ,
    decentralised minutes and seconds)
  • Versions : White, Black, Ivory
  • Price € 4798,00 (incl. VAT)

Model Singular

  • Movement : Valjoux 7750, Automatic
  • Diameter : 43 mm
  • Case : Stainless steel, 6-screwed exhibition back, water resistant to 5
    bar, Sapphire crystal
  • Power reserve : 48 hours
  • Special features : Chronograph
  • Versions : White with blue hand, silver – red-gold, black – red-gold, ivory
    with blue hand
  • Price € 2598,00 (incl. VAT)




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