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WALTHAM International SA

Lugano, Milan (Italy) and New York City (USA)






Since 1850, Waltham, the legendary American brand has been setting modern standards for the production of clocks and watches, and has over one thousand patents in the sector.  

The majority shares of Waltham International SA were purchased in 2011 by Antonio DiBenedetto, the current President and CEO. With vast experience in the world of luxury and jewelry and a passion for timepieces, it is Antonio’s mission to deliver the Waltham brand back to its former glory and create high- tech, cutting-edge wrist watches that will “instill today's men with the courage to choose and dare to follow their convictions”. The same bravery that drove the innovative and unconventional spirits of the legendary men who, with a Waltham, were key figures in the greatest achievements of the past 160 years.  

Waltham International SA has established offices in Lugano, Milan and New York City. Strategic partnerships with top manufacturers in the industry and an R&D division based in La Neuveville/Neuchâtel allow Waltham to launch its first brand-new collection of wristwatches inspired by its history in the aero-naval sector.   

Precision, Innovation, Nonconformity: the values that have guided Waltham since its beginnings.  The same values that fuelled the avant-garde spirit of all those men that have been key figures of the most audacious endeavours of the last 160 years. Dennison, in 1850. Lindbergh, when crossed the Atlantic with a Waltham.

Shackleton had a Waltham when he conquered the South Pole, as did Peary when he first reached the North Pole. The Top Gun Pilots used Waltham on board of their Phantoms, like the heroes of the Allied Armed Forces, accompanied by Waltham in their epic endeavors at sea, on land and in the air.