Manufacture des montres Vulcain S.A.
Chemin des Tourelles 4
CH - 24000 Le Locle (Switzerland)

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Since the start of the 20th century, technicians had been seeking to create an alarm watch, a quest that raised the difficult and apparently insoluble problem of housing an alarm mechanism within the limited space of a normal-sized wristwatch. All attempts made up until then – a bell, an easel comprising the acoustic organs, and even a claw gently scratching the wearer’s wrist – had yielded disappointing results. The Manufacture Vulcain was to have the honor of giving Swiss watchmaking the first alarm wristwatch that truly rang out as loudly as a large alarm clock, and of which the strident chirping was as insistent as that of a cricket – hence the name.

Renowned for its iconic models and its unique mechanical movements, the Manufacture Vulcain has a place all its own within the world of Fine Watchmaking. Active since 1858 in the making of exceptional watches, the company now located in a mansion in Le Locle, a cradle of Swiss watchmaking, has constantly produced timepieces meeting the diverse requirements of the passing eras. Innovating in order to offer products worthy of the future; exploring Vulcain’s rich history in order to perpetuate its expertise and reveal its original character: such are the principles governing the daily work of the master-watchmakers exercising their skills within the Manufacture. In addition to the fabled Cricket alarm caliber that continues to beat at the heart of the brand’s iconic models, the Manufacture has successfully established itself by offering legendary models bound up with the fabulous history of Vulcain. The brand continues to forge its exemplary foundation around its two pillars and their undeniable evocative power. The people at Vulcain proudly state their belief that “a brand’s strength lies in the reality of its history and the authenticity of its product”. This credo has always guided the activities of the Manufacture.