Jordi Swiss Icon

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Rouge & Blanc Distribution SA
P.O. Box 2410
CH-1260 NYON 2 (Switzerland)

Tel. : +41 22 362 89 88






Founded in 1988, JORDI is one of the few brands which still holds the name of its Founder and CEO, Michel Jordi. For more than a quarter of a century, this tireless entrepreneur has kept his indepen- dence and continued to pioneer. JORDI Swiss Icon is the quint- essence of a lifetime devoted to watchmaking, innovation and launching new concepts.

With its smooth and ergonomic shape, this unique timepiece is inspired by the Alpine pebble stones polished through a million years, inviting people on a journey off the beaten tracks. It blends a resolutely contemporary design with the Swiss traditional art of “paper-cutting”, enhancing both the dial and the strap. This creation is aimed to people with a pio- neering spirit, who proudly assert their own style.

We are independent watchmakers heading into the third generation and determined to perpetuate the family heritage.