TF Est 1968 T-Mechanic Rollerball

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Made to match the new T-Mechanic Open Side cufflinks, this Rollerball and its vertically-mounted watch mechanism transforms writing into a sight to behold.

The art of movement with a sense of fun – two characteristics of the global Swiss brand TF Est. 1968 – take the form of a writing instrument, manufactured with the irreproachable quality of Swiss craftsmanship: reliable, solidly built, and comfortable to hold.

Freddy Tschumi, founder of the brand, never tires of scratching the itch of horology and calligraphy fans. The T-Mechanic Rollerball brings more accessible luxury from the Geneva-based firm, brimming with subtle details: a clip system, sporting TF initials and made from 58 parts, attaches unobtrusively to a jacket lapel or shirt pocket; a Schmidt mechanism commands the rollerball pen tip or pencil lead (and takes all types of refill); and a hermetically sealed, highly shock-resistant sapphire crystal encloses the watch mechanism.

Served in a TF Est. 1968 box, in three versions: palladium, yellow gold-plated, or pink gold-plated. 

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