RJ-ROMAIN JEROME breaks new ground with state of the art technology !


RJ-Romain Jerome, in association with start-up enterprise Ogmint, introduce “Augmented Reality” to the visitors of Baselworld 2014

Taking place from Thursday March 27th until Thursday April 3rd, Baselworld sets the stage for the entire watchmaking industry. During seven days, Manuel Emch, CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome, and his team will present the brand’s collections and newest products to internationally renowned press and esteemed clients.

Creating an enriched experience whilst visiting the RJ-Romain Jerome booth, the brand is working with a never been seen before concept: Augmented Reality.

Using state of the art technology for the first time, RJ-Romain Jerome has chosen to collaborate with start-up company, Ogmint, to enhance the Baselworld experience. 

By placing a marker on the wrists of the intrigued visitors, a special camera will analyze the generated data, bringing to life a 3D replica of an RJ-Romain Jerome timepiece directly on the wrist. This technology has been developed to change our consumerism ways. New generations are looking for new retail experiences which are somewhere between a realist and hyperrealist environment.

This new technology will give you the opportunity to purchase an object without having to go through the lengthy retail process. The aim of Augmented Reality is to allow consumers and brands to save time and money by creating a new selling platform. Reducing lost sales due to stock issues, the final consumer will be able to shop at his will and find any product his heart desires.

RJ-Romain Jerome is proud to be part of this ground breaking technological advancement. The conceptual machine installed on RJ’s booth will allow you to own one of the brands legends for a matter of minutes. The experience can also be immortalized with a picture or a video that can instantaneously be shared on all media platforms.

Come and try on your favourite legend on RJ-Romain Jerome’s booth, located in Hall 1.1, booth A55. We look forward to welcoming you !

About Ogmint 
Established since 2012, Ogmint, an Israeli start-up company, provides the full power of Augmented Reality technology to the world of accessories, watches and retail environment.

The founding partners are Maxim Interbrick, David BenDavid, Michael Kolomenkin and Nir BenDavid. The Ogmint team brings together vast software development skills, management techniques as well as international marketing and sales strategies. Ogmint develops high-end Augmented Reality solutions to enhance sales, market- ing and advertising experiences for the final consumer.

The company’s technology is relevant to all Augmented Reality fields; however Ogmint is currently focusing on the opportunity of development in the watch and accessories industries by developing new ways in which the technology can be applied.

For its first public exposure, Ogmint is collaborating with iconoclastic watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome. Pre- senting its new technology during Baselworld 2014, the start-up company ensures an unforgettable experience to the visitors of the RJ-Romain Jerome booth, located in Hall 1.1, booth A55.

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