REVELATION R05 Magical Watch Dial Automatique


An automatic watch that is unique in the world

REVELATION, the pioneering brand in the art of associating the savoir faire and patrimony of the Haute Horlogerie with the most advanced nanotechnologies of the 21st century, continues to innovate and enrich its collections in creating new effects thanks to its unique patented dial: MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® that allows to wear two watches in one.

The R05 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® AUTOMATIQUE is the newcomer in the collection which includes the TOURBILLON MANEGE® tailor-made calibre, a chronograph, and a chronograph flyback.

These models are available in a 45 mm diameter case whereas the R05 was designed with a 42 mm diameter to perfectly adapt to a slimmer wrist.

The dial of the R05 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® AUTOMATIQUE, black in the normal position, will let the movement mechanism, the date, and the second hand dial appear when the bezel is rotated 90 degrees.

This magical effect is made possible by the superposition of 2 polarising discs whose nanostructures play the role of shutters. Each disc is covered with these nanostructures shaped as lamellas whose size is about 70 nanometres (70 billionth of a metre).

To make sure the polarizing discs play their “on/off” role, they must be on top of each other and able to pivot. The nanostructured discs will either block the light or let it pass according to their position, thus revealing a new design for the dial.

Derived from the extremely complex mechanism with a double differential coupled with an Archimedes screw of the R01 DOUBLE COMPLICATION model, the system of the R05 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® AUTOMATIQUE has been modified to be placed inside the bezel of the watch.
With a quarter turn of the bezel, the magic begins and reveals the second reading of the dial.

The development of the MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® which equips the REVELATION watches is the born from the fruitful collaboration with the CSEM, a Swiss high-tech institute.

The Swiss Confederation found this concept to be avant-garde and agreed to support REVELATION via a CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation) so that the brand could develop new effects of nanostructures with the CSEM engineers.

The case of the R05 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® AUTOMATIQUE is of an unrivalled complexity as it has a mechanical action on the MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® which is very rare and unusual in the watch industry especially because the watch is waterproof up to 3 atmospheres.

This is the reason why, it is made from no less than 71 components, which make it a complication in its own right, since just as for the movement; a watchmaker is required for the assembly.

The R05 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® AUTOMATIQUE is currently available in stainless steel on a smooth black leather strap with a REVELATION pin buckle.

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Stainless steel

Rotating bezel to activate the MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® effect

Ø 42 mm,  H. 12 mm




Revelation System® Patented polarized glasses

Black when the bezel is normal,

Minute counter and date appear when the bezel is turned (90o)


Grey, green Superluminova


Grey green Superluminova


Black Barenia genuine leather


Stainless steel Revelation pin buckle


Travelling case, outside black leather like material, inside genuine grey suede


AD01: automatic Sellita SW300 – Special execution to integrate the



42 hours


Ø 25.60 mm,  H 3.6 mm