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With the single push column-wheel chronograph, MeisterSinger is going into production with a mechanical specialty.

A chronograph from MeisterSinger? This sounds like a contradiction in terms; because the customers of the Münster watch manufacturer are anything but victims of too-tight schedules rushing from one event to another.

Even you don’t let the seconds dictate your life, you might want to measure them every now and then. After all, the first chronographs in the 19th century did not serve the natural sciences or even the optimization of work flows, but were rather meant for pleasure: for example, measuring time at sports events, like horse racing. Of course, the valuable watches weren’t being carried in the pockets of the jockeys, but rather in the waistcoats of posh citizens for whom visiting the racing track was one of the week’s most keenly anticipated rituals. Precisely for this reason, a classic chronograph, whether it is carried in a pocket or worn on the wrist, does not need to be as colourful and dynamic as a tracksuit, but it should rather match the more civilian appearance of the interested observer and connoisseur.

Recalling such historical instruments is already expressed in the name of the Paleograph from MeisterSinger. And it bears the typical characteristics which have become rare today: the stopwatch function is controlled by a column wheel mechanism - the more elaborate variant compared to coulisse chronographs which became the standard in time of mass production. And, just like historical timers, the Paleograph only requires one single button integrated in the crown for the three steps of start - stop and zero reset. This not only makes operation of the watch very convenient. This configuration also ensures that the watch peeking out of your sleeve does not immediately scream "sports watch".

The basic Unitas 6497-1 caliber ticks in the watch, which in itself is historical, because it was first developed for pocket watches. MeisterSinger developed a special chronograph module. The young designers in Switzerland perfected a module designed by chronograph veteran Jean Fillon up to readiness for series production. Their expert craftsmanship and creativity is reflected in the horizontal gear coupling and the unusual mounting of the modular plate to the underside of the timepiece, where one can observe the function through the sapphire crystal back. A fine brushed pattern and the blued screws emphasize the traditional technical character of the design. The Paleograph is housed in a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm; the sides are matted and the upper surfaces are polished.

The geometry of the dial, with the minute totalizer at 3 o'clock and the small second at 9, also follows historical examples. There are two scales at the outer edge of the dial. Stopped seconds can be read from the outer scale. On the inner scale, the typical MeisterSinger hour hand indicates the time, with an accuracy of five minutes: because the wearer usually does not care about the seconds. Except on occasions when he wants to measure them.

The Paleograph is available, optionally with an ivory or blue dial (sunburst) and with an alligator leather strap with folding clasp

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  • MSYN13 manual winding, 46 hours power reserve  

Case size

  • 43mm


  • Stainless steel, open casing back, water resistance 5 bar, sapphire crystal


  • ivory, sunburst blue