Haigh & Hastings Limited Edition Commemorative Timepiece SASR

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A Time to Remember

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), the SAS Historical Foundation has commissioned Australian watch company, Haigh & Hastings, to supply a limited number of quality mechanical timepieces, specifically designed to commemorate this special Golden Jubilee Anniversary milestone. Haigh & Hastings timepieces are specifically designed in Australia to meet the exacting demands of ‘adventurous men’ – those who love the adrenalin rush of testing themselves in a variety of challenging pursuits – in sport, in business, in life, in action and in service, at home or abroad.

James Ross, Managing Director of Haigh & Hastings, said: “As an Australian quality watch company, we’re honoured to be commissioned to supply the specifically designed, Limited Edition timepiece to commemorate this significant milestone – the 50th Anniversary of the Special Air Service Regiment. It’s a perfect match – ‘Timepieces for Adventurous Men’ and the outstanding men of the SASR. Our blue‑bezelled M2 Diver watch with black strap has been customised to suit this special occasion, with an embossed Limited Edition case‑back design commemorating the Golden Jubilee Anniversary. The box has been specially created to carry the SASR badge and each of the 1000 timepieces comes with its own Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity”.

Major Brett Warner of the SASR Historical Foundation said: “All of us who have served with the Special Air Service Regiment can be immensely proud of this historical milestone – our 50th Anniversary. As a not‑for‑profit organisation, the SAS Historical Foundation is pleased to offer this Limited Edition Haigh & Hastings ‘Timepieces for Adventurous Men’ range as a way to commemorate this special milestone in our proud history of service. The Limited Edition range is for sale exclusively through the SAS Historical Foundation website.”

Purchase enquiries to be directed to the SASHF website www.australiansas.com


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