BUBEN & ZORWEG One Tourbillon

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The ONE TOURBILLON presents its thrilling, name-giving complication with a spectacular large diameter of 14.1 mm from the best vantage point and impresses through its incredible low weight of 0.62 g.

An exclusive masterpiece, strictly limited to 25 pieces.

Manufactured entirely of rose gold, the clear lines of the housing surround the fascinating inner workings that demonstrate its high precision functionality at every glance.

The ONE TOURBILLON carries the power of innovation, command of aesthetic design and master craftsmanship of the BUBEN&ZORWEG manufacture to compact extremes.

The ONE is supplemented by a TIME MOVER® HAND-WOUND that reliably keeps the movement in top shape through a six-day power reserve.

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  • Flying minute tourbillon based on A. Helwig
  • Extra-large balance wheel with a diameter of 14.1 mm to stabilise vibrations
  • Weight: 0.62 g
  • Adjusted in fi ve positions
  • KIF shock absorbers
  • Silicium anchor and silicium escapement wheel
  • Key-less fi ne adjustment


  • Calibre BZ01 Tourbillon Manufacture handwound movement
  • Watch diameter 48 mm
  • Movement diameter 39.5 mm
  • 49 rubies
  • 144-hour power reserve
  • 18,000 A/h
  • All wheels with “Moulure” (in compliance with the Geneva Seal Standard)
  • Zyclovente gear teeth
  • Two tension springs for optimised drive torque
  • Indirect wheelwork drive to decouple the tension spring force
  • Power reserve display


  • 18 carat rose gold housing
  • Onyx inlays
  • Curved sapphire glass
  • Integrated genuine alligator leather strap
  • Waterproof 5 ATM