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A Racing Machine On The Wrist
Heralded at their initial release in 2001 as a break from the past and a new direction of horology, the wristwatches of Richard Mille were from their very inception, extraordinary and uncompromising. From its establishment, the young brand would lay claim to a number of world premiere innovations in the application, use and design of new technological materials that have seriously extended the entire field of horological knowledge and invention.

Taking leads from the research and development world of high-tech aeronautics and racing car industries, materials new to watchmaking such as carbon nanofiber, ALUSIC, Aluminum-Lithium, ANTICORODAL and PHYNOX have made a noticeable entrance into the world of watchmaking via Richard Mille Watches. Each of these materials was chosen for the specific, clearly defined and improved efficiency they bring to watchmaking. Novel materials such as these are the foundation for achieving advanced chronometric results, whilst simultaneously broadening the possibilities open to horology in the 21st century. Since then, many brands have followed this pathway to the future originally drawn up by Richard Mille in 2001.

Nonetheless, new materials and their potential for horological applications constitute only a small part of the demands required to be truly exceptional in the over populated world of horology. It is only when materials are combined with technical engineering excellence and inventiveness that the necessary prerequisites for creating ultimate wristwatches can be fulfilled. Breaking away from the current trend in creating an in house manufacture, Richard Mille instead produces their timepieces using the best companies available today in Switzerland. These manufacturing partners are considered manufacture désignée, a term which defines the leading specialists of each discipline whom the company can count on for the realization of their designs and concepts. The ability to deliver the highest tolerances and finish with superlative materials is of course a minimum requirement. Equally essential for the creation of a successful product is the skill and ability of each partner to develop new approaches to watchmaking, their inquisitiveness and openness to the use of new materials and their application, and last but not least their deep and thorough understanding of the Richard Mille philosophy and strategy.