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W Motors & Cyrus: The epitome of exclusivity

The wolf has always been an intriguing animal. Hunted by some, admired by others, the wolf is an animal that is found in many tales and legends. It fascinates. The story of Cyrus is itself linked to the wolf since legend has it that the future king Cyrus had been abandoned in the forest by his grandfather when he was only a few days old ... A wolf adopted him and CYRUS is said to have acquired his physical and mental strength through the breast milk of this wild animal.

When the new brand W Motors (W for Wolf) was launched on the HYPER CAR market and was looking for a partnership with a watchmaker, CYRUS was the immediate choice. The most famous watch brands competed for this prestigious contract but the CYRUS watch brand – the conquering spirit – was best able torespond to the expectations of this automotive brand.

W Motors
Why not produce an innovative Hypercar combining all of the technical expertise of its time?

Why not seek to bring together the finest engineers (Magna Steyr Torn) the most experienced designers (Studio Torino) and combine their skills in one of the most ambitious even crazy projects in the eyes of some observers.

Did the great navigators refuse to traverse the globe on the pretext that their ships might succumb to attacks from the elements or because so many others may not have succeeded?

Only those capable of taking the risk of going too far will discover the limits that one can reach. Others might criticize or judge. They are destined to be – whatever happens – onlypassive observers.

Be realistic and seek the impossible. Matters will take their natural course. This is how W Motors thinks. It is in this manner that all great successes are achieved.

The first W Motors Hypersport will be known Lykan, referring to the werewolf, this half human, half wolf animal with exceptional strength and which is almost uncontrollable…

Here again we realize that the intention behind the creation of any new brand is to constantly link the product to its name ... A close inspection of the Hypersport reveals that the two ends of the bonnet extend along the sides of the windshield, like the two ears of a wolf, a unique feature in the automotive field. Seen from the front the Hypersport resembles a wild wolf ready to transform itself into a werewolf, powerful and elegant, once the engine starts...

Given that the werewolf only reveals itself at full moon, W Motors chose to associate itself with the CYRUS watch brand whose KLEPCYS collection was one of the first in the world to place a three dimensional moon on its dial.

W Motors has been for some time seeking out the ideal partner whose product would be linked in its totality with the history and the concept of this brand. Because CYRUS was created with reference to CYRUS the GREAT, conquest typifies this brand, a conquering spirit that is felt with one single even furtive look at the Hypersport.

This is an interesting element for it suggests that independent brands have the capacity to coexist each reinforcing its legitimacy while sharing a common vision.

This is synergy at its best, each independent brand having its own network of customers and journalists allowing the partner brand to benefit from the relationship. Itis the right mix of skills.

As is the case with handmade watches, Lykan Hypercars, 7 of which were produced for the first model, have handmade bodies, made in Italy from layered carbon fibre. The heart of the werewolf works off German technology (highly recognized worldwide for its technical ability) with an engine which is completely handmade, assembled piece by piece in Germany.

W Motors is offering stunning performances on its Hypersport model. With a twin turbo flat six-cylinder engine producing 750 HP, the werewolf goes from 0 to 100 km/hour in less than 2.8 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 385 km/hour and 980 nm of torque which makes this animal one of the fastest and most powerful in the world.

Such a vehicle is of course entirely customizable.

The customer can choose from a variety of precious stones to be added both to the interior and the exterior of the car: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds… The finest materials such as gold or platinum are recommended for use in the interior of the vehicles, especially on the control buttons in order to heighten its luxurious and lavish aspect.

A concierge service linked to the car is available to you 24 hours a day, whatever your needs.

A team of W Motors engineers is also dedicated to your vehicle and is available at any moment wherever you are in the world in the event of any problem that is likely to occur.

The Lykan Hypersport is the most technologically advanced Hypercar in its class.

It is the first car in the world with a fully functional holographic display with interactive movement. A 9-inch screen is projected in the interior, allowing drivers and passengers constant interaction and complete control of the multimedia interface of the car. Interactive functions allow you to select functions by moving your hand in the air, using your finger as a pointer. A passive projection screen thus becomes a large interactive touch screen whose potential uses are wide ranging. The user can interact directly with the hologram by touching it. Unlike other systems currently under development there is no barrier between the user and the hologram thus allowing a total symbiosis.

The ignition system (allowing for the transformation of the wolf to a werewolf), the GPS system, using the telephone, music or even video… these can all be activated using 3D holographic animations.

Conceptualizing an icon in the automobile world is not an easy thing. But it is however possible. W Motors with its Hypercar; half concept car and half production vehicle has succeeded in creating a niche at the heart of which the wolf makes its den. And, given the success of the first models, you can bet that the wolf is in the process of developing its pack…so much so that the brand already has more requests than there are models being made.










Specifications (Click to slide)

An extraordinary timepiece dedicated to the most expensive car in the world (3.4 mio USD / car)


  • Developed in collaboration with Jean-François MOJON - KLEPCYS is a very exclusive timepiece with patented and very innovative functions. This timepiece has 3D functions that have never been developed before, in addition to a shape that perfectly suits to the wrist. Klepcys: 100% innovative, 100% exclusive, strong identity

Limited edition: 7 pieces


  • Manufacture automatic movement with a unique display of the time on a movable axis, with a retrograde hour function, day/night indication, large date calendar with retrograde rotating three-dimensional tens, blue spherical moon with moon phase indication by gradual rise of a white patch.
  • 100% Swiss made
  • CYR598 automatic, 390 components, 4Hz, 28,800vph


  • Worldwide registered design, perfectly suiting to the wrist
  • Blue screws on the bezel


  • 18K white gold / DLC-coated titanium case (black)

Time function

  • Three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism
  • Reading of hours, minutes and seconds on a movable axis with a day/night (white/blue) indication. Precise guidance of the retrograde height of the hour hand with a ruby bearing


  • Large date, retrograde three-dimensional tens, pivoting from 31 to 1: tens pivoting on themselves without retrograde!
  • Precise guidance of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing

Phases of the moon

  • Three-dimensional blue moon (6mm diameter – the blue moon is the reference to the “magical” moon, a very rare one)
  • Progressive rising of the white patch to indicate the various moon phases. The number of the timepiece is engraved on the patch of the moon. Once the patch entirely recovers the blue moon, you can also see the serial number of the watch (1 to 7)!
  • Indication accuracy: error of one day every one hundred and twentyfive years

Oscillating mass

  • Customized décor on the mass
  • Ceramic ball bearings without lubrication


  • Crown position at 9 o'clock: time setting in the 2 directions
  • Crown position at 3 o'clock: date setting (press)

Full winding

  • 30 turns of the winding stem


  • 48mm (including crowns)

Case back

  • Original fingerprints of awarded watchmaker Jean-François Mojon! This is the only time (and the last one) the famous watchmaker accepts to put his fingerprints on the back of a timepiece.
  • Dedicated to the owners of a W MOTOR LYKAN car only
  • Blue screws

Other details

  • Inertial balance for greater adjustment stability
  • Springs sized using FEM (Finite Element Method)
  • Sprockets with optimized teeth (reduced play)
  • Maximum use of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance
  • CYRUS-specific hardware


  • Crocodile, sewn by hand, black, blue stitching


  • Black titanium clasp Design inspired by the shape of the case CYRUS logo on the cap


  • 30 meters

Power reserve

  • > 40 hours

Number of components

  • 390

Number of rubies

  • 40

Presentation case

  • Designed by CYRUS design workshops…in a blue color!





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