CACHEUX the new 8 Circus


The figure 8 in China

Mystery and magic figure, the figure 8 is above all a lucky charm in the life and in the business. In China, many differents characters pronounce in the same way in some tones near. The figure 8 pronounces "ba" in mandarin that we can move closer to the sound "fa" in Cantonese which means " growing rich " or "prosperity".

​The figure eight is also a symbol of final balance, in Asia, it represents, 8 beams of the law Boudhiqu, 8 rules of the "Chou-King" way, 8 Ministers of the Chinese Empire, 8 petals of the lotus, 8 pillars of the sky, 8 cardinal points, etc.

Cacheux 8, a glory to the figure 8

This very limited series with only 8 numbered timepieces is a very great tribute to the figure 8, this white golden figure 18 carats is centered on the dial the magnificent buckle of which hands, by their movement, finalize characterizing this figure. These some numbered timepiece crystallize around them an impressive number of figure 8 :

​- 8 timepieces only all over the world
- 88 grams of white gold 18 carats
- 8 carats diamond
- Golden Elephant in 18 carats in the center of the dial
- 8 months of achievement

Tourbillon movement Cacheux, a marvel of watch-making

The heart of Cacheux 8 is a real small marvel of high watch-making by the fact that this tourbillon possesses a power reserve more than 120 hours, exceptional duration in itself for a tourbillon which, here, is delivered by one and a single barrel, a unique technical exploit.

Luxury french brand in the inimitable style

​The collection Cacheux 8 is an integral part collections of the French brand, every collection has for intention an originality and its own elegance. It also means that theses 8 tiemepieces benefit from all the intention in the manufacturing and in the finishing which requires timepieces of Cacheux Haute Horlogerie.

8 months is necessary to realize and be able to wear on the wrist one of theses 8 magnificents watches.






Specifications (Click to slide)

Ref. : Cacheux 8 Circus


  • 18 carats white/pink yellow gold or platinum 950
  • Edition number engraved (1/8 to 8/8)
  • Personal message to be engraved


  • Central 8 made from 18 carats white gold
  • 18 carats white gold elephant
  • Visible tourbillon at 6.00

Tourbillon movement

  • 120-hour power reserve (5 days) on 1 barrel
  • 21 600 vibrations per hour
  • Tourbillon : a revolution per minute
  • Mechanical movement
  • Manual winding
  • 21 jewels
  • Visible movement trough the back


  • 2 Clear anti-reflective sapphire glasses


  • Large choice of leather, satin and colour

Water resistance

  • 50 meters

​Total gold or platinum

  • 750/1000 white/pink/yellow gold or platinum 950
  • Weight : 88g

​Swiss made






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