Girard-Perragaux The Hawk Ceramic


High technology at the service of sport

The Hawk collection has managed to establish its own identity while remaining true to Girard-Perregaux’s manufacturier spirit. Today sees a new version in black ceramic, offering a high-tech casing for the concentration of mechanical perfection.

One is a chronograph, the other a diving watch. Their functionality serves as a reminder of the brand’s sports watch credentials, beginning in 1880, with the first mass-produced military wristwatches, followed in the 1940s with the first generation of Sea Hawk. The new arrivals’ contemporary design is matched by their performance. Their deep black ceramic cases are ready to stand up to the test of time.

An exceptional high-tech material, unchanging, hypoallergenic and heat-reflecting, the ceramic used by Girard-Perregaux is characterized by the extremely fine zirconium oxide powder it contains. An infinitesimal dimension makes it possible to achieve a hardness of 1400 HV on the Vickers scale – as opposed to 180 HV for stainless steel, a very low porosity. Extremely scratch-resistant, this ceramic has a smooth velvety look. Their inert character renders ceramics harmless for people and for the environment.

The result: a personality which highlights the strong character of the Hawk collection. Black and angular, the 44 mm diameter cases have an astonishing shine and offer a new take on the Laureato octagon by modernizing its angles. The dials offer perfect readability, playing with the reliefs, luminescent touches and layout of the displays against a decor inspired by the shape of the Girard-Perregaux Bridge. In the background, the mechanism pulses to the rhythm of the expertise that is endlessly perfected by the master watchmakers of the Manufacture’s workshops.





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