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REVELATION the R04 Tourbillon Magical Watch Dial


A magical tourbillon!

Thanks to its patented unique in the world dial which transforms from black to transparent, the R04 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® reveals the manufacture tailor made TOURBILLON MANEGE® movement in its heart when the rotating bezel of the case is actuated.

Therefore it is not just one but two watches that can be worn on the wrist.

This innovation was patented by Anouk Danthe and Olivier Leu, the founders of the REVELATION Haute Horlogerie brand.

This magical effect is possible thanks to the superposition of two polarising discs whose nanostructures play the role of shutters. Each disc is covered with these nanostructures in the shape of shutter slats which are about 70 nanometers wide (70 billionth of a meter). In order for the discs to play their “on/off” role, they must be placed on top of each other and be able to pivot.

Their nanostructures will either block the light or let it pass through to the movement depending on the rotation of the bezel upon which one of the polarising discs is mounted.

This is the principle which allows the TOURBILLON MANEGE® to appear.

REVELATION addressed the renowned Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) since the existing components available in the industry did not guarantee the optimal combination sought by the founders.

The optical department, known as “Thin Film Optic,” developed the specific surface structures for the REVELATION discs.

The CSEM engineers provided their know-how and high-technology tools to combine an existing treatment with a specific development for REVELATION in order to obtain the best possible transparency in the open position all the while ensuring maximum opacity in the closed position.

When the R04 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® bezel is rotated 90 degrees, a novel watchmaking calibre appears: the TOURBILLON MANEGE®. It was created and developed by the founders of the REVELATION brand. It was named "manège" by the creators, because just as in a fairground attraction or carousel, where cars and horses are mounted on a rotating platform, all components of the regulating system such as the balance, lever, wheel, and its escape pinion are mounted on a mobile arm: the TOURBILLON MANEGE® bridge.

This platform is held between two wheels that are mounted on the central axis of the piece. This system, which is truly unique in the field of watch construction and similar in function to a fourth wheel, transmits the force supplied by four barrels through a conventional going train. The wheel torque maintains the rotation of the TOURBILLON MANEGE®, which has been calculated to last one minute, thereby compensating, just as in a traditional Tourbillon mechanism, for gains or losses in rate.

An 18kt gold ingot mounted on the far end of the "manège" serves as a counterweight to the regulating system fixed on the opposite end, thus ensuring optimal operation by achieving a subtle balance. This assembly method leaves a considerable amount of space for the specific balance which beats the heart of the TOURBILLON MANEGE® at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Thanks to its four series-coupled barrels, this hand-wound movement boasts a guaranteed power reserve of 48 hours.

Only a watchmaker specialised in the art of rating can assemble a complication such as the TOURBILLON MANEGE® as each balance-spring must be fitted to its own balance, then a customised index-assembly enables fine adjustment of the balance-spring.

Our Master Watchmaker needs one month to assemble the 365 parts of the movement, to rate, to control and to case up.

The R04 MAGICAL WATCH DIAL® is currently available in 18kt pink gold with the case middle and back cover in black PVD-coated titanium.
This model is offered with a black rubber strap with a black PVD-coated titanium REVELATION folding clasp.








Specifications (Click to slide)

R04 Tourbillon magical Watch Dial
18kt Pink Gold (with titanium middle case and back)

Ref. : R04.TM01.5N.A0001


  • 18kt pink gold + titanium black PVD coated middle case and back
  • Rotating bezel to activate the MAGICAL WATCH DIAL effect
  • Sapphire back
  • Ø 45 mm,  H. 15 mm



  • Revelation System® Patented polarized glasses
  • Black when the bezel is normal,  translucent when the bezel is turned (90o)

INDEXES : 18kt pink gold coated, green  Superluminova

HANDS : 18kt pink gold coated, green Superluminova

STRAP : Black rubber

BUCKLE : Titanium black PVD coated


  • Outer case: genuine « pyramid »mahogany
  • Inner case: removable travelling case, outside genuine black « Barenia » leather, inside genuine grey suede


  • TM01: Tourbillon Manège®, manual winding
  • Revelation tailor-made manufacture movement, unique, world premiere
  • Haute Horlogerie hand-made decorations, 52 inverted corner

POWER RESERVE : 48 hours


  • Ø 33mm
  • H. 7mm


ALT/H : 21'600




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