Backes & Strauss the Regent Princess Collection


The Regent Princess Collection a young, vibrant and elegant addition to the Royal Collection.

A beautiful piece of jewellery, designed and crafted by masters. The unique skills of the watch maker, diamond polisher and jeweller have combined to create a fluid, strong, flexible hand crafted masterpiece. The bracelet is a true masterpiece of engineering. Each link is hand made; each diamond is handset and then joined together with the same exactitude and skill that goes to produce a Backes and Strauss watch. This elaborate but simple design, reminiscent of Backes & Strauss jewellery from the Victorian age has been restyled in a totally modern and practical way to enhance the glamour, strength and beauty of this Royal.

Backes & Strauss have perfected the Ideal-Cut diamond where all the light that enters the diamond refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets, dispersing through the top, producing maximum fire and brilliance, perfect for a Princess.





Specifications (Click to slide)

Size :

  • 3238 mm

Movement :

  • Automatic movement rotor with platinum segment

Display :

  • Hours, minutes and seconds
  • Power reserve : 38 hours

Case :

  • 18 carat white or rose gold hand set with 32 Ideal-Cut diamonds weighing 2.70 carats

Crown :

  • One Ideal-Cut diamond weighing 0.09 carats

Dial :

  • EXT R. 157 Ideal-Cut diamonds surround the Mother of Pearl centre

Bracelet :

  • 136 Ideal-Cut diamonds weighing 18.57 carats

Diamond Information :

  • Cut : Ideal-Cut
  • Colour: Collection (F+)
  • Clarity: Clean (Flawless/VVS+)
  • Total Carat : Dial EXT : 326 Ideal-Cut diamonds, 22.91 carats




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