2012/12/18 - Rudis Silva Presents the RS12 Grand Art Horloger


Rudis Sylva is proud to present the RS12 Grand Art Horloger, the third generation of timepieces equipped with the Harmonious Oscillator and decorated in the most exquisite fashion.

This revolutionary regulator featuring two toothed balances is a unique invention minimising the effects of gravity while boasting highly sophisticated decorative details hand-worked by the Jura region's finest craftsmen. Its technical characteristics are also exceptional:

Seconds indicator bridge
Machined from titanium and hand-bevelled, this bridge at 6 o’clock includes no fewer than 28 internal angles. It takes 10 times longer to create a sharp internal angle in titanium than a rounded corner in steel.

Main plate
The lower part of this strategic component features a hand-crafted guilloche decoration of tapering pyramids. From the edge to the centre of the piece, each guilloche line includes 60 pyramids, each one smaller than its neighbour, requiring extremely meticulous guilloche operations.

Apparent in the marking on the double barrel bridge or the caseback sundial and inscription, the extremely precise engraving magnifies the skill of the hand-engraver whose painstaking work is carried out under microscope.

Oven-fired enamel

Silica stones are crushed by hand and mixed with water. The resulting material is then applied to the hand-engraved surfaces and placed in a special oven at 840°C. The resulting enamel is then polished to obtain the perfect dial.

The unique technology offered by Rudis Sylva positions the Harmonious Oscillator above most existing tourbillons, since the effects of gravity to which it is subjected are minimised. The hand-finishing makes each piece unique and pays tribute to the various branches of watchmaking artistry.




Technical Specifications

Case : red or white gold 18k

Back : red gold or white gold, screwed

Dial : hour, minute and second indicator

Hands : gold, hand decorated

Main plate : hand guilloche worked, 60 tapering pyramids

Movement  : Harmonious Oscillator

Harmonious oscillator : system unique worldwide, patent no. 575/09

Balances : toothed, interlinked, ensuring the same amplitude
Escapement : only 1 with 1 pallet fork positioned at 90 degrees
Frequency : 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Cage rotation : 360 degrees in 60 seconds
Cage diameter : 17.40 mm
Balance-springs : 2, flat, asymmetric deployment
Balance-spring symmetry and energy : constantly opposed
Vertical gravity correction : instantaneous, minimising the effect of gravity

Finishing : Haute Horlogerie finishing
Main plate : bevelling, tapering pyramid guilloche work
Bridges : hand-decorated, bevelling, circular graining, drawing
Gear train : circular graining, diamond-polished corners
Screws : machine threading with controlled undercut
Barrel drum : snailed
Titanium cage bridge : bevelling, 28 internal angles, drawing (30 hours' work)