2012/12/05 - Valbray the Special Edition Oculus V.01 Chrono – The Devil Inside


Unveil the demon in you


At the occasion of the debut on the Suisse market, Orchestrated by Gouten group, Valbray created 6 exceptional pieces, on the provoking thematic of the Devil.

The two hands watch, deceptively wise, is possessed by the forces of evil, which in a quarter turn, transform it into an esoteric and diabolic chronograph.

Shaped in a titanium bloc, the timepiece gets its colors from the darkness: the black of the obscurity, the golden color of the flames and the red of the lava…

The bewitching force of the diaphragm leads us into an infernal dial pierced by the "V" of Valbray intertwined with the number of Satan, the "666". This fresco is dominated by troubling and attractive she-devil, where each interacts in a specific way: the tail of the first marks the rhythm of disk of the seconds; the next one, sitting on the date, affixes the name of Valbray with the tips of her fingernails; finally, the third engraves the universe aphorism, ‘’Devil inside’’, with her trident.

The fineness and the technicality of realization exalt the feminine curves, meticulously carved in the mass and set with an extreme precision on the gold applique.

The watchmaking dexterity is accentuated with the realization of the chronograph hand metamorphosed into a devil trident and those of the hours and minutes timers transformed into flames of the hell.

The volumes of the sensual-looking watch are highlighted by the refinement of the golden pushers and crown.

In the continuation of this steamy dream, playing with the devil's tail engraved into the lining of the strap, the shadow of a last she-devil appears on the back of the watch.

Ubiquitous, but never appearing at the day light, the devil is there, somewhere in each of us.

Watchmaking masterpiece, "The Devil Inside" is an invitation to timeless pleasures, a hellish and mechanical incantation, a Machiavellian incarnation.

Edition jealously limited to 6 numbered pieces. Exclusively available in Switzerland



Demonstration modele Oculus V.01 Chrono








Technical Specifications

Ref. : VR01 L
Limited edition 6 numbered pieces

Material :

Function : Double display: chronograph / hours, minutes

Patent : Diaphragm System integrated in the bezel, composed of16 extra thin blades with a black multilayer treatment

Movement :

Water resistant : 5 ATM

Dial : Multi - layered with a honeycomb grid, with a 5N red gold applique and red figurines

Sapphire Crystal Bezel : double side hard antireflective coating

Back : double side hard antireflective coating

Bracelet :

Price 24'666.- CHF TTC