2012/11/30 - JEANRICHARD's New 1681 Collection


1681 Collection

Heritage, historical expertise and manufactured movements: JEANRICHARD’s 1681 collection is authentic. Its authenticity is derived from an enthralling world wherethe mechanisms of time are philosophically created.

In homage to Daniel Jeanrichard, held to be one of the founders of the watch industry in the Neuchâtel region, the JEANRICHARD brand transforms his creative nerve into a strength and his independence into a way of life.

The 1681 collection is named after the year when Daniel Jeanrichard’s first watch was made. It reinterprets the history of traditional watchmaking in a contemporarystyle which, as the original watchmaker insisted, permits no compromise, either technical or aesthetic.

Daniel Jeanrichard was born at the end of the 17th century at Bressel, in the Sagne Valley, and was initiated into fine mechanics at a very early age. By chance, he was brought a watch to repair. He studied this timepiece diligently and closely, took it to pieces and decided to make a copy. It was his first contact with watchmaking, which was rapidly to turn from fascination to a passion for this young man. Entirely self-taught, he subsequently began working on other timepieces.

Little by little, he acquired the mastery of the technical operations needed to produce these creations. In 1692, he was described for the first time as a «master watchmaker», the first in the region.

Three years later, armed with his silversmith skills, he described himself as both a watchmaker and a silversmith.

His contribution to the development of watchmaking in the Neuchâtel area of the Jura is undeniable: apart from the invention of a number of tools and machines, he was the founder of the «assembler house» system, involvingworkshops and watch assembly shops. Considered a pioneer in this field, he devoted himself to maintaining the trade, and in 1701 he employed his first apprentices, thus establishing the foundations of a regional tradition that survives to this day and finds its incarnation in the 1681 collection.

These 1681 watches are «timepieces» in the true sense of the word. At their hearts, they conserve the expertise inherited from the pioneers of watchmaking. Their hours advance at the rhythm of an automatic movement, the famous JR1000, developed by JEANRICHARD in 2004 after 4 years of research and development. 111/2’’’ in diameter and 3.77 mm thick, it provides excellent chronometric performance and perfect operational stability, with or without additional modules. A great measure of time, the calibre is housed in a high-quality case, its face reminiscent of the finest classical timepieces, with a touch of modernity that ties them firmly to the 21st century.

In an effort to be environmentally responsible JEANRICHARD has developed packaging that clientele of the 1681 watch will enjoy using again.




Without a doubt, the time it displays carries within it the heritage of tradition and expertise. Its heartbeat pulses inside the watchmaker’s calibre JR1000, developed and constructed entirely in the manufacture. This automatic movement, its accuracy tried and tested since it was developed in 2004, can boast of origins in the innersanctum of Fine Watchmaking.

Nurtured by a spirit of vintage neo-classicism, the technical mastery finds its expression in a case of complex design, its cushion shape, which is constructedin a variety of different materials, according to model. The concept of thecase within a case, the design of the 1681 watch, has proven the durability to
absorb shocks while retaining a conventional style exemplified by the crown.

Installed in a water-resistant container suspended and reinforced by two lateral stretchers that anchor it to the main case, the white lacquered dial and the mechanism are the incarnation of refined traditional watchmaking.

Available in two versions, one with three hands and a date display, the other with a date display and small second display, the new 1681 watch shows its
authenticity in steel, or its daring in two colours: steel and pink gold.

If it is possible for the past to reinvent itself without denying its ancestry, the 1681 watch is the perfect embodiment. The time display, of unbeatable legibility, appears against a classical rail-track minute circle. The plain baton indexes add a touch of urban modernity, while the luminescent hands pay tribute to Fine Watchmaking.

The watch exudes supreme balance and self-assured elegance. The three-hand version has applied Arabic numerals in a similar style to the hour-markers; the small second display at 9 o’clock counterbalances the date. A strap in ostrich, vintage calfskin or alligator leather with a folding buckle, completes the refinement of this timepiece.

The oscillating weight of the calibre JR1000, bearing the new signature of the brand, can be seen through the screw-in case-back. With its uncluttered, graphic lines, its design is reduced to bare essentials, showing that time, while extremely complex, also demonstrates scrupulous constancy. Is it classic, modern, or timeless?

The 1681 watch remains intrinsically faithful to the origins of JEANRICHARD, but it does not forget its own personality.

Its manufactured movement, designed and made entirely in Switzerland in the brand’s own workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, its cushion-shaped case, with itsingenious, innovative construction, its polished and satin finishes, and its austere, distinguished dial lend it a confident, vigorous, determined character. It is the reflection of its owner, whose aspirations express an authentic philosophy of life.








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