2012/11/23 - Ralf Tech the new WRX "A" HYBRID BLACK "PIRATES"


The word pirate comes both from the Greek word πειρατής (Peirates), itself derived from the verb πειράω (peiraô) meaning "try his luck in the adventure", and the Latin pirata: whoever tries fortune, "who is enterprising ".

Black and gray, gray and black, the new WRX "A" Hybrid Black "Pirates" shows a decidedly provocative and original look at RALF TECH.

It is part of the "A" line (A for Army) dedicated to military developments.

It is also the first limited series completely customized at the request of a point of sale, i.e. : XP Joaillier in Paris.

Born of a conversation between Xavier Pénichot, XP Joaillier owner and Frank Huyghe, President of RALF TECH, the WRX "PIRATES" is deliberately shifted and insolent, very much on the sidelines of the normal production of the brand generally dedicated to the provision of professional instruments to elite units of the French special forces.

This piece also fits perfectly with the news that RALF TECH is Timekeeper of the 2012 Vendée Globe, an event where skippers are not pirates but undoubtedly fierce seafaring adventurers, who are not afraid to go around the world alone, nonstop and without assistance.

This original version of the WRX "A" Hybrid, a variation of the series GIGN released last June, is available for sale in a ultra-limited edition of 22 pieces.




Technical Specifications

WRX « A » Hybrid® Black « Pirates »
Availability : 22 pieces from 15 November 2012 and exclusively at XP Joaillier, EU.

Recommended retail price: 1590€