2012/11/20 - BUBEN&ZORWEG presents the "Object of Time ONE-77" in GENEVA




A special masterpiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG was presented to a select audience within the scope of an exclusive event organized in cooperation with Les Ambassadeurs and Aston Martin of Geneva at the Les Ambassadeurs boutique. The "Object of Time One-77", strictly limited to a production run of just 77, has since been on display in befitting surroundings.

The result of a ground-breaking cooperation between BUBEN&ZORWEG and the British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin, the „Object of Time One-77“ was presented during a dramatic show with the highlight of the evening being the unveiling of the „Object of Time One-77“ that was hidden from view beneath golden fabric. This latest masterpiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG - a fusion of an innovative language of shapes, master craftsmanship and the unique philosophy of the British luxury car brand - generated a huge amount of feedback.

This luxurious piece stylishly echoes Aston Martin‘s image of British elegance and exclusiveness in the form of a beautifully varnished and highly-polished freeform chassis and luxurious leather interior. The result is a perfectly hand-crafted lifestyle object par excellence that is resplendent in every detail. The language of shapes of this unusual object of time bears the brand philosophy and vision of two companies united by a passion for beauty and aesthetic appeal combined with technological excellence.

The One-77 is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin. A spectacular fusion of high-technology and time-honoured tradition, One-77 uniquely combines radical design, exotic materials and engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship. Infused with breath taking style, impressive quality and flawless performance, One-77 exists at the point where art and technology meet. The House of BUBEN&ZORWEG has now created a fascinating work of engineering, with incredible functionality in a form inspired by the design of one of the world’s most revered automotive achievements.

The limited edition OBJECT OF TIME® created by BUBEN&ZORWEG in celebration the One-77 super car demonstrates uncompromising perfection, breath-taking innovation and outstanding design. Both demonstrate the highest level of achievement in their respective fi elds and a passion for craftsmanship; they are solely dedicated to achieving the highest level of luxury for their owners, created to engage every sense. Beautifully lacquered and highly polished with a sumptuous leather interior, the OBJECT OF TIME One-77 is a multi-functional and ingenious piece; showcasing highly advanced engineering and an ultimately fascinating origin, the piece is crafted to perfection and is one of BUBEN&ZORWEG’s most fascinating and magnificent masterpieces for the home.








Technical Specifications

Object of Time ONE-77