2012/11/12 - REVIEW - Edox the Iceman II Limited Edition




A Timepiece Built For A Record

Christian Redl. The name resounds like a challenge. Extreme freediver Chrisian Redl has pushed the limits once again when he embarked on the Gokyo ice dive on October 17, 2012 in Nepal, breaking a world record ice dive at an altitude of 5160 meters. Braving the inhospitable high-mountain conditions and having undergone a targeted training regime, Christian Redl has succeeded and is now the first human ever to have done so.

The Gokyo Lakes. The six lakes, considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists, are located in Nepal at altitudes of nearly 5200 meters. The weather conditions here are extreme, with potentially lethal snow storms and an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, which increases the risk of pulmonary oedema with every metre climbed.
Accompanied by a team of divers and cameramen, Christian Redl has put himself through a punishing training regime. He has put his body and his expertise in freediving at the service of science and sports medicine. His dives at an altitude of 5160 meters represent an incredible opportunity for medical and physiological research.

Edox is the official partner of Christian Redl, sharing the same vision to always go further and the same thirst for challenge, together with an attention to detail and a quest for perfection.

The new Edox Iceman II Limited Edition represents a fresh conquest. Now virtually synonymous with Christian Redl, this is truly a statement watch: water-resistant to a record-breaking of 1000 meters, with a ultra robust and reliable chronograph movement. The deep black case reflects the depths of the water, while the anthracite dial enables optimal readability.
Fitted with a genuine rubber strap, this timepiece is a true divers' tool. As the deepest of the Gokyo lakes measures 203 feet, just 203 Edox Iceman II timepieces are produced.






Technical Specifications

Limited Edition : 203 pieces worldwide

Suggested retail price : CHF 1950.00 / EUR 1790.00