2012/10/22 - Backes & Strauss the Monarch Collection

Majestic and dazzling, The Monarch Collection, crafted in 18kt gold and hand set with the most luminous Ideal-Cut diamonds, polished and set to reign with perfection.

Backes & Strauss know diamonds better than anyone else, perfecting the art of the “Ideal-Cut”, which shapes a diamond for perfect symmetry and proportions, where all the light that enters the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and disperses through the top of the diamond, resulting in maximum fire and brilliance.

This preeminent Royal from The Monarch Collection has over 1000 diamonds, and as Backes & Strauss Group CEO Vartkess Knadjian proudly notes: "this Monarch is on fire, I wanted to create a watch to truly show the superb skill and dedication of our craftsmen as 60,000 facets radiate from one masterful timepiece”.


The Berkeley Monarch




The Regent Monarch






Technical Specifications

Berkeley Monarch

Regent Monarch