2012/10/17 - deMonaco the Quantieme Perpetual - QP-EZ


If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a watch with a Perpetual Calendar complication, you also know that if you need to change any of the settings of your watch for whatever reason, this is a difficult and long process, and sometimes can even only be done in a watch ateliers. Would it be nice if we could simplify this high end complication to its essence, so whenever you need to change any setting, you can do this with a simple push and turn of the crown?

Our own in-house developed and patented Perpetual Calendar with EaZy adjust system – with one simple push on the crown you can change the function between time – date – day - week- month and year, and if you have found the mode you want to change, simply turn the crown and adjust. This innovation will make something very cumbersome, very manageable for even the most technically challenged - EZ! The QP-EZ will be made in a limited edition of 88 pieces, and will be made available in Titanium, 18K Rose- and Whitegold.

Before the engineers and watchmakers at Ateliers deMonaco started the construction of the mechanism of the QP-EZ the asked there selves a question :

‘’What is can we improve in the classic Perpetual Calendar mechanism that is used by other brand for decades?’’

They came up with the following 5 point of improvements :

  1. Readability
    To be able to have an easy to read perpetual calendar, Ateliers deMonaco uses big windows Rather than hands.
  2. Precision
    Tolerances between –1 and 4 seconds/day, made also possible by silicium escape wheel .
  3. Reliability
    - Safety system to avoid damage calendar mechanism when changing the functions even at midnight there is no risk of damaging the mechanism.
    - Safety system to avoid damage of calendar mechanism when turning the hands counterclockwise.
  4. Instantaneous
    Between 2 minutes before and two minutes after midnight all the functions will change at the same time instantaneously.
  5. EaZy to adjust
    With the patented EaZy to adjust system it is possible to choose a mode by pulling the crown in 2nd position and turning clockwise. By pushing the pusher inside the crown the calendar functions can be changed easily and quickly.

The goal of Ateliers deMonaco was to make the most Readable, Precise, Reliable and easy to adjust perpetual calender ever made!










Technical Specifications

Quantieme Perpetual EZ Adjust
Edition Limited to 88 pieces







Explanation of the patented QP-EaZy adjust system
Corection of the calendar


  1. Pull the crown in the 1st position (10).
  2. Chose the function to be corrected by turning the crown (13).
  3. Push the mono pousoir crown and the selected function will change (11).
  4. Turn the crown and put the retrograde hand (12) back in NEUTRAL.



Retail price : as of € 26.800