2012/10/04 - Valbray the new Special Edition Oculus V.01 Chrono Hypnosis


Inspired by the world of night, the hypnotic power of the last Oculus V.01 is revealed by obscurity, via a simple rotation of the bezel which allows the disappearance of the blades and the unveiling of the dial integrally built on a phosphorescent blue base, leading in a quarter of turn to a lively and carefree world.

This intriguing timepiece leads us from St-Tropez to Los Angeles, with the rhythms and colors of the ‘’Jet-set’’ cocktails and will be presented in ''Avant-première'' during the partnership event below.

Exclusive edition limited to 100 numbered pieces

The uniqueness of the Valbray System

The revolutionary Valbray’s obturator system, that recalls the intensity diaphragm on photography, is a pure example of contemporary micro-mechanical masterpiece, applied on the watchmaking tradition.

Valbray has invested more than two exiting years of teamwork to realize it, tackling several challenges. Finally Valbray did it and registered the patent in 2010.

The system is composed by 16 extra thin blades, entirely fitted in a rotating bezel of only 45 mm in diameter and 7 mm wide.

They open and close slowly sliding one over the other on a constant and regularly circular shape.

On the maximum open position of the bezel, the blades completely disappear, leaving an under and different dial of 30 mm appear.

The bezel is waterproof and doesn’t have any sign to operate the system (no pusher, no bar).

The system is thoroughly hidden and independent of the watch movement and it is manually actionable by turning the bezel with the fingers.

That makes the piece really interactive and intriguing. 



Demonstration modele Oculus V.01 Chrono






Technical Specifications

Ref. : VR01 K
Limited Edition 100 pieces