2012/09/12 - Frédérique Constant the latest Manufacture Classic Worldtimer


Frederique Constant is a company that loves to put a fresh twist into classic ideas and classic designs. With that in mind, we are delighted to present the exciting new Worldtimer Manufacture collection.

In days gone by, it was the “man about town” who had the respect and admiration of his peers. These fine gentlemen wore pinstripe suits, with colourful ties, shiny shoes and invariably a classy wristwatch. Nowadays, the man about town has become a man of the world, and while the clothes may have changed, the presence of a handsome, classic, elegant watch is still very much part of the gentleman’s ensemble.

The Worldtimer’s three-part case is made of hand polished stainless steel that shines like the sun. A convex sapphire crystal and see-through case back give a glimpse of the intricate inner workings of this incredible timepiece.

The dial comes in silver, with a beautifully engraved guilloché design or an amazingly detailed world map in the center. Hand polished black oxydized hands compliment the guilloché center, while hand polished blue hands accompany the world map and luminous indexes.

Both of these limited edition models have a date counter at the 6 o’clock position, as well as a 24-hour disc with day-night indication. Befitting the man of the world’s persona, the Worldtimer’s dial also displays a 24-city disc—one for each of the 24 time zones in our world.

The genius of the Worldtimer Manufacture lies in its simplicity of use. All functions can be accessed simply by using the crown; there are no extra push buttons sticking out from the ultra-smooth and polished sides of the case. The Worldtimer function can be achieved simply by selecting the desired city and placing it at the 12 o’clock position on the dial. Internal discs automatically synchronise, and after that, it’s possible to see what time it is in any of the 24 cities on the dial. In addition, thin discs also indicate at a glance whether it’s day (white disc) or night (black disc).

With an eye to the most intricate detail, the designers of the Worldtimer Manufacture collection even selected watch straps that exude all-world style. You can choose from a black alligator strap with a stainless steel buckle, or add a dash of colour with a navy alligator strap with off-white stitching and a stainless steel buckle.

What can you give the person who has everything? “Time” is the answer, and in the case of the Frederique Constant Worldtimer Manufacture collection, you’ll be giving a truly limited edition of time in the form of one of these classic watches. Both models mentioned here are part of a limited edition collection of just 1888 pieces. Each Worldtimer is presented in a classic wooden gift box, with an engraved limited edition plate verifying its authenticity.










Technical Specifications

Ref. : FC-718MC4H6* / FC-718WM4H6**
Limited edition of 1888 pcs, delivered in a nice wooden giftbox with limited edition plate