2012/09/07 - Bulova Accutron the Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition


The World Watch and Jewellery Show, Bulova Corporation presented the final preproduction version of the Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition Watch, celebrating a partnership that highlights its commitment to innovation on a global level. The new Swiss-made timepiece was developed in collaboration with global innovator and entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, the official brand ambassador for Bulova’s premier brand, Bulova Accutron. 

Bulova named Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, as Bulova Accutron brand ambassador one year ago, in March 2011, noting the many parallels between the premier brand of a company dedicated to innovation and excellence, and the career of this iconoclastic businessman and social activist. 

Product Specifics and Availability

“As entrepreneur, humanitarian and pioneer, Sir Richard exemplifies the values and dedication that have guided Bulova from the beginning,” said Dennis W. Perry, Bulova Corporation President. “Like our founder, Joseph Bulova, Sir Richard is an innovator who has had a groundbreaking effect on a number of fields. The Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition Watch exemplifies the connection between Sir Richard’s relentless pursuit of new ideas and Joseph Bulova’s vision of creativity and inventivenss.” 

Branson has donated the proceeds from his work as the Bulova Accutron brand ambassador to Virgin Unite, Virgin Group's non-profit foundation, created by Branson in 2004 to tackle the world's social and environmental problems, using business as a force for good. Bulova will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition watch to Virgin Unite as well.

Only 500 of the new Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition Watches will be made available, with each watch numbered on the caseback and on the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity to show its position within the run of 500, after which the molds will be destroyed. The Swiss-made watch has been developed in collaboration with Branson and carries his signature endorsement etched on the caseback. 

With a movement certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), the Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition Watch meets the highest standards of timekeeping. This 21-jewel self-winding mechanical GMT movement provides classic timekeeping, with the sensitive mechanism winding itself in response to the wearer’s movement. 

Designed to reflect the global interests shared by Bulova and Sir Richard, the watch includes a 24-hour GMT second time zone reading on a dial engraved with a stylized representation of the globe, including latitude and longitude lines. On the perimeter are the names of 24 destinations, each corresponding to one of the world’s 24 time zones. By adjusting the city ring to the GMT hand, wearers can instantly see the time in the selected city. Other elements of this innovative design include : 

The watch will be shipped in specially crafted limited edition case, and is scheduled for release to select retailers in the fall of 2012.