2012/08/30 - Buben&Zorweg the Grand Collector Inbuilt



The House of BUBEN&ZORWEG offers a wide range of beautiful objects which you can use to display your most beautiful pieces. For those who prefer a more discreet kind of storage, we offer products such as the GRAND COLLECTOR INBUILT which can be integrated into walk-in wardrobes, safe rooms, showrooms, luxury yachts or other exclusive interiors. It is equipped with German high security technology and legendary TIME MOVER® knowhow and is ideal for protecting valuable wristwatches, precious jewellery and other gems. Unauthorised access denied...

BUBEN&ZORWEG also implements customised interior designs alongside its range of exceptional OBJECTS OF TIME®. They usually take the form of sophisticated inbuilt solutions developed for the more discreet ambiance in collaboration with interior designers. The Grand Collector Inbuilt is such a solution, for instance in walk-in wardrobes where it fits in perfectly thanks to its two-way mirrored doors. These spy-glass doors look like mirrors yet become transparent as soon as the LED lighting is switched on. Harald Buben emphasises the effect of the spy-glass doors: „As a proud owner of a Grand Collector Inbuilt one can choose to bring the entire interior to life or set specific focal points by switching on the LED lighting and allowing, for instance, only the BUBEN&ZORWEG signature clock to appear through the transparent mirrored glass. It is also possible to highlight internal elements such as the TIME MOVER® modules and the safe separately using light effects. The spy-glass itself is a security feature as the beholder has no idea what might be behind it when the LED lighting is switched off.“

Code-operated electronic locks in both the top and the bottom part where the safe is located provide additional security. In addition to the BUBEN&ZORWEG signature clock the interior of the Grand Collector Inbuilt also offers a choice of either 26 TIME MOVER® modules and three drawers or 44 TIME MOVER® modules, whereby 8 of them are installed inside the safe as standard.








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