2012/08/13 - Azimuth the SP-1 Landship


World’s first upright reading of time with retrograde movement

Avant-garde luxury watch brand, Azimuth, will be showcasing its latest timepieces at Baselworld 2011, including the Landship, influenced by the awe-inspiring British combat tanks during World War I - the world’s first Mk4 tanks.  Dramatically different from current watches in the market and befitting an Azimuth timepiece, which collectors worldwide have come to expect from this dynamic watch company, Azimuth has once again redefined mechanical horology by introducing the concept of “upright time reading”.

Encased in a Titanium case, complete with a turret and a sponson (side gun), the SP-1 Landship looks like the mean, heavily armored war machine back in 1915. The turret contains a 3D Hour Drum, allowing the wearer to read the hour in an upright manner by looking inside the turret, different from the normal way of reading time on a flat plane. The minutes, moving in an anti-clockwise manner, can be viewed in a similar upright fashion too.  The sponson on the turret doubles up as the winding crown of the watch.

This distinctive feature also means that the manufacturing process is different from the conventional means of watch-making, pushing the boundaries of watch design to new limits, and setting a new benchmark for other watch makers.

In addition, the SP-1 Landship is fitted with a Wondering Hours and Retrograde Minute complication – Azimuth’s own modified 28,800 vph Swiss-made retrograde minutes and wondering hour movement, which is not available to other Swiss watch manufacturers.

Each watch will have its unique serial number, marked on a loose plate mounted on the body of the tank and bolted only when the watch is delivered – a first for the industry too.

The Landship is not the only innovative design from Azimuth that drew inspiration from objects not normally associated with watches: previous Azimuth models include a Lambourghini-inspired SP-1 TBT and the Robot-shaped Mecha-1 Mr Roboto.






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