2012/08/08 - Piaget the Tradition Line Celebrates 50 Years of Elegance


For almost 140 years, authenticity and expertise have been the watchwords of the Maison Piaget. A collection associating these historical values stands out for its gold bracelets conveying powerful aesthetic codes: the Tradition line.

Since 1962, the ultra-thin silhouette associated with the unique suppleness of its bracelet has epitomised the art of retro-chic. The Tradition collection by Piaget belongs to the history of the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie – and to all those for whom authenticity remains a core value. Above and beyond the creation itself, which demonstrates the high standards and quality finishes of the House of Piaget, the Tradition collection symbolises excellent mastery and the faithful preservation of a hand-crafted skill.

A passionate link between technique and creativity

The first impression conveyed is that of excellence. The Tradition bracelet stems from a unique work of meticulous hand-assembly and welding of each gold link, as well as decoration. It expresses perfect technical mastery. The secret of making it lies in three key factors: the expertise of the artisans of the Maison Piaget; the assembly process; and the finishes. Over 108 links are individually assembled and then meticulously adjusted to ensure seamless integration with the case. The exquisitely refined result ensures unique comfort on the wrist, signed by an integrated buckle bearing the P for Piaget.

The supremely elegant, round and timeless case of the Tradition collection comes in two sizes – 26 mm and 34 mm – and in two pink or white gold versions. The radiantly sparkling 26 mm case is set with 42 brilliantcut diamonds (approx. 0.6 carat), while 52 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.8 carat) lend their fire to the 34 mm model. The beautifully understated dial is silver-toned for the versions with a gem-set bezel and in gold paved with 290 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat) and 12 sapphires or garnets (0.1 carat) for the 26 mm model;
or with 492 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.6 carats) and 12 sapphires or garnets (0.1 carat) for the 34 mm version.

The mechanical grandeur of ultra-thin horology

To equip its Tradition collection, Piaget has called upon its considerable expertise in the field of ultra-thin horology. Since 1957 and the advent of the 9P movement measuring a mere 2 mm thick, Piaget’s historical legitimacy in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking has been widely acknowledged and repeatedly demonstrated. Out of a total of 29 movements recently developed by the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget, no less than 17 are ultra-thin. Among them, the mechanical hand-wound 430P movement has been chosen as the beating heart of the Tradition models. The slender profile of this ultra-thin movement ensures a remarkably slender case and perfect integration with the bracelet. This elegant ensemble strikes a remarkable balance between Fine Watchmaking and the goldsmith’s art. The blend of skilled technique and daring design reveal the freedom to express tradition while looking to the future that has shaped the very foundations of the Piaget philosophy.

Born in 1962, the Tradition collection by Piaget is celebrating its 50th anniversary in an undeniably modern manner. The passing years have set a lasting seal on its indisputable elegance, and the line continues to find its way through time with the assurance of being perpetually in tune with its times. In doing so, it offers eloquent and enduring proof that a watch creation can indeed be both classical and avant-garde – while faithfully reflecting the same perfectionism as the brand that created it: Piaget.




Ref. : G0A37047 / G0A37046


Ref. : G0A37045 / G0A37048


Ref. : G0A37044 / G0A37043


Ref. : G0A37041 / G0A37042


Technical Specifications

Tradition 34 mm
Ref. : G0A37047

Ref. : G0A37046

Ref. : G0A37045

Ref. : G0A37048

Tradition 26 mm
Ref. : G0A37044

Ref. : G0A37043

Ref. : G0A37042

Ref. : G0A37041