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Glashütte swings

Metro is the name of a wonderful new watch from NOMOS Glashütte—the first model with an in-house built assortiment: the NOMOS swing system

An iconic watch—generously proportioned, sophisticated, and still brimming with youthful appeal: That is Metro. Created by the renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun, Metro combines the finest precision with clear elegance. Despite its metropolitan provenance, this timepiece is still Glashütte through and through: DUW 4401 is the fine hand-wound movement at work within, a very special caliber indeed.  

For DUW 4401 ticks a little differently—with swing, for the first time in a NOMOS watch. The in-house designed and built swing system, known as assortiment in Switzerland, is the pace-setting part of the movement. It defines the accuracy, robustness, and the dura- bility of a watch. There are only a few places around the world where this system is actual- ly produced in-house, which is to say: turned, milled, and screwed. And now NOMOS in Glashütte is one of those places.  

Metro has little time to spare for flourishes, valuing clear form and function much more. The power reserve indicator in mint green, white, and red, ensures that the wearer never forgets when its time to rewind the watch. The date is a helpful reminder too. And the hands show not only hours and minutes, but also the way to new times: They taper to- wards the end, and are so very precise.  

Equally new and special: The minute markers are reminiscent of the finest measuring instruments. The point relief on the crown, which brings to mind the pattern found on intricate tools, is delicate to the touch, and the eye.

The case lugs are reminiscent of archetypes from long gone eras and yet could not be more modern, clearer. Or more comfortable: In contrast to their antecedents, these boast quick-change spring bars, unifying the beautiful with the entirely practical and creating the perfect setting for a rich strap made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan.

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Reference number: 1101 

The Movement:

  • DUW 4401—NOMOS caliber with manual winding, date and power reserve indicator
  • NOMOS swing system with tempered blue balance spring 


  • stainless steel, bipartite
  • diame- ter 37 mm; curved sapphire crystal glass
  • sapphire crystal glass back
  • height 7.65 mm  

Dial: galvanized, white silver-plated, hour indexes and power reserve wheel mint green, indicator red/white  

Hands: hour and minute hands steel, oxidized black, seconds hand red lac- quered  

Water-resistant: to 3 atm   

Strap: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan black