Mühle Glashütte the new Kampfschwimmer

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Triphibious Timekeeping: The new "Kampfschwimmer" from Mühle-Glashütte 

At first glance, the new "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece from Mühle-Glashütte only reveals its true personality to the initiated. Designed for and with the participation of the "Kampfschwimmer", the Special Operations Forces of the German Navy like the Navy Seals, this watch is a robust timepiece, navigational instrument and symbol of identity for this special unit at once. Several unique specifications like the sawtooth-shaped bezel of the "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece clearly show how functionality and design correspond to the requirements of its namesake.  

The Special Operations Forces of the German Navy are the oldest unit of the German Special Forces. They are trained for triphibious deployment in water, on land, and in the air so that they can meet the full range of tasks demanded. 

Accurate timekeeping is an important factor in carrying out their duties. Whether it's reaching the deployment area, measuring the amount of diving time to the destination and back or checking the times for operational messages – time schedules must always be adhered to. This makes a precise and yet robust watch indispensable. With the "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece, Mühle-Glashütte has developed a wristwatch that is at home in all elements while drawing on the Mühle-Glashütte nautical tradition at the same time.  

Their marine environment provides the Special Operations Forces with a particular degree of protection when they approach land, but it also places the highest demands on these soldiers and their equipment. The new "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece meets these requirements in every detail. This includes the special three-minute division of the bezel. The unusual division of time is of utmost importance to the naval commandos, because they are trained to cover a variety of distances in three-minute intervals. During the three years of training necessary to become a “Kampfschwimmer”, alone three months are spent with performing daily dives – mostly at dusk or during the night. Due to this hard training, the soldiers acquire a special sense of timing so that in case of emergency they can perform their tasks with the necessary uniformity and even pace. Using the three- minute time division of this new watch in conjunction with a compass, the frogmen commandos can perfectly orient themselves. As soon as the minute hand of the "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece has moved from one index on the dial to the next, the soldiers know they have covered an exactly-defined distance and so can perform their dive as planned.  

During diving, the "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece is secured to a special compass board and is waterproof up to 30 bar. The screw-in crown is fitted at the 4 o'clock position so the 44-millimeter timepiece also affords the greatest wearing comfort and freedom of movement. Large, Super-LumiNova coated hands provide easy readability in every situation – and ensure that the three-minute intervals can clearly be seen at a glance during diving or in darkness. Thus, it is clear that even the dial design has been adapted for the harshest of conditions.  

Reliability and resilience are absolutely basic requirements for any operational service watch produced by Mühle-Glashütte. To this end, the "Kampfschwimmer" timepiece has a six-position regulated Mühle movement and Mühle rotor, patented woodpecker neck regulation (including fitting balance cock), and 38-hour power reserve. Of particular importance for this operational service watch is the Mühle fine adjustment, which ensures that the watch movement is just as precisely adjustable as it is shockproof. 

In addition to its task as a navigational instrument and robust timepiece, this new Mühle service watch also performs a further function. This year, the “Kampfschwimmer” unit is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Naturally enough, the soldiers wanted to celebrate this auspicious occasion with a timepiece that can not only hold up to the tasks performed by this special unit, but also fulfills its representative functions – and identifies the members of this special unit through its design. Thus, the individually designed, sawtooth bezel of this watch was based on the insignia of the combat divers: the sawfish. In addition, not only can the tactical number of the individual soldiers be found on the bottom of the stainless steel cases of the watches that were supplied to the unit, but also their 50th anniversary logo.  

The result of the various requirements of the “Kampfschwimmer” – the triphibious special forces of the German Navy – is a watch that is optimally designed for keeping track of time in the water, on land, and in the air. Inspired by the sea, this innovation from Mühle- Glashütte is also the perfect complement for everyday use through its masculine, sporty design and robust functionality.  

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  • Movement:
    • SW 200-1, automatic; Mühle version with woodpecker neck regulation, own rotor and characteristic surface finishes
    • Stop-second
    • Fast date correction
    • 38-hr power reserve
  • Case:
    • Stainless steel case
    • Unidirectional bezel
    • 2.5 mm thick, domed and anti- glare sapphire crystal
    • Screw-in crown
    • Ø 44.0 mm; H 15.1 mm
    • Water- resistant to 30 bars
  • Strap:
    • Synthetic strap with stainless steel pin buckle
    • Screwed strap attachment bridges
  • Dial:
    • Blue
    • Super LumiNova coated hands and indices

Price:  2.500,- Euro